The Renegade Fyfe & Drum Corps

The Renegade Fyfe & Drum Corps
Wanted Dead or Alive!!

The Renegade Fyfe and Drum Corps has quickly become a crowd favorite because of it's musical and marching prowess as well as it's interaction with the audience. As their motto dictates "Whiskey, Hot Wenches & Pirates - Parades will never be the same!" With lots of Yo Ho Hoing, a snarl or two and sharing of their treasure with the crowd; creates an excitement rarely seen at today's parades! The outfits and music, including "Drunken Sailor, Blow the Man Down, Sailor's Hornpipe and Calypso" transport you to a time and place when Captain Jack Morgan and his loyal band of pirates would shake fear into men with just the whisper of his name!!! A word of warning!! Keep a close eye on your woman and children when this group passes by...........

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Captain Jacks Log: 7th of July 2015
ARRR.... I be a infamous Captain Jack Morgan and it be me child's mother be telling me what I can and cannot do. I long for the open sea, the wind in me face and how I miss the smell of the smoke after a canon fires!!! Me finest Wench says I be too old to continue such shenanigans. I have everything a great pirate could ever want. I have riches beyond imagination and would make a King or Queen envious, the finest and most beautiful wenches a man could desire and enough grog to be drunk every day for the next hundred years. So why is it I be so board??
Enough is enough. Aye, I think I be pullin me boot straps up and settin off for at least one more glorious adventure. My ship, the Jolie Musique is a very sea worthy creature and me crew has been rambunctious of late. I have the sense they would be ready in the drop of a hat. If only we could find a real reason to go......
But then the truth sets in...... Me and the Mrs be expectin our first child this summer and have far to many things to do before the arrival to be out pillaging the high seas. *That and I am told I have to stay on the island* A new little pirate to add to the fold!! I be so excited and I promise to be posting pictures of the rug rat once he arrives.

But next year, we will be back with a vengeance!!!! So I declare that anyone who misses any of these historic events that me and my merry band of pirates attend, and this be your last and only warning, will be severely punished! The Renegades Fyfe and Drum Corps will be pillaging at Fireman's Parades and area Festivals and if ye miss any of these events ye shall forever known as a Scurvy Dog and should be prepared to meet yer maker by walkin the plank and be meeting Davy Jones himself! One last warning, if ye don't declare your loyalty to me as I pass by ye, my merry band of men have full permissions to discipline as needed!

Captain Jacks Log: May 28, 2014
Ahoy me Hearties! Tis been a long winter and me mates and I are raring to hit the open seas. Our money and supplies be running short, so, it is time to pillage some villages, steal some booty and catch me a wench or two. A Scurvy Dog can only drink so much Rum and this stinking little island is just aint big enough, plus, the wenches are starting to smell. So we have been making plans and it is time to batten down the hatches. The ship is shipshape and our sails are full.
Swabbing the Deck

Avast, I be looking for some new crew and some wenches to keep us fed and sane. I let you in on a little secret....... Our treasure map has places we plan to plunder and can be found on our schedule page, but keep it our little secret!!!

Captain Jacks Log: Date Unknown
Practice?? An old Salt like me practice?? Shiver me timbers. This rabid mix of misfits think we need to practice!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! I sure enough don't want to end up being Shark Bate so I be a practicing, and ready to visit you when you least expect it!
Renegade Crew

Hour after hour, we practice our craft. We be a banging on the drums and waking the dead. It is a scary sound when you be all alone. The sound of Davy Jones himself can be heard in the ruckus. Landlubbers beware, we be araising the Jolly Roger and ready to run a shot across the bow. Surender and we may let you live...........
Renegade Crew Renegade Crew

Enough talk, time to fight! Savvy?
Renegade Crew

Renegade Fyfe and Drum Corps
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